"I started the program because none of my clothes were fitting me right. Now after only 2 months everything fits better than ever. Clothes with the tags still on I was going to donate because of a 'bad fit' are now some of my most flattering pieces!"

"The most helpful thing about the program is the accountability. Wali has been encouraging and supportive. I feel like I can ask him anything and he is happy to share his knowledge. He is constantly checking in to help keep me accountable."

"[Wali] has taught me how to look at food and exercise differently. I have never felt like I was 'missing out' on any of my favorite foods. He based my eating plan on the foods that I already eat. He just 'tweaked' it so the portions and timing were correct. It feels more like a schedule of eating rather than a diet."

"One of the most unexpected things of my journey is that I have more good energy on a daily basis. My three boys enjoy my new found energy. They are very involved in the exercises I do and the food I eat. They are always the first to check in with me to see if I can eat certain things. They are learning what foods are good for you on a daily basis and what foods should only be eaten on a splurge. They are learning healthy eating habits by example!!! Also they are learning that hard work and commitment really pay off!"








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